B2W is going to Gen Con!

Sorry for the late notice! B2W will have a table in Anime Alley at Gen Con this weekend! We’ll be there from Thursday to Sunday, so the whole time, and we’ll be selling a lot of the same stuff we had at Ikasucon, plus more! If you find yourself in Indianapolis this weekend, give Gen Con a visit! See you there!

Ikasucon’s Dates announced: July 12-14th, 2013

Progress so far (from my LS). I need to refine the grayscale painting more and then add color and proper text, but I wanted to show how it’s coming so far. Looking forward to taking this print to cons!


Progress so far (from my LS). I need to refine the grayscale painting more and then add color and proper text, but I wanted to show how it’s coming so far. Looking forward to taking this print to cons!


Some photos of us hanging out in the hotel. Definitely should have taken more pictures.

I am very proud of the Wild Wings box.

In case the above image isn’t animated for some lame reason, here’s an image icon

In case the above image isn’t animated for some lame reason, here’s an image icon

Hi! I was the pink and blue haired person who asked for a hug on saturday, and the grey Homestuck troll who walked with you back from Rally's on Sunday! hello!

Do you mean you were with the group who flagged Loki over? Sorry, a couple people including him are in charge of this and he says he is just a tad confused cause he went to arby’s Sunday. xD



BLLLLARRRRG! Ikasucon was a great first con-selling experience, guys! So many great and friendly people! Wish we had taken more pictures. LE SIGH! Definitely hope to be back next year!

I have a giant recap on my DA: http://cat-bat.deviantart.com/journal/IKASUCON-315184159

Normally I’d just re-post it entirely, but there are too many links I’d have to modify and I’m lazy. Maybe I’ll draw a picture to better express my feelings about the con and post it later.


I’m just going to leave this here

It was the best birthday and con experience ever



Just got back from Ikasucon! It was incredible, I had an amazing time. This was not only my first Ikasucon, it was the first con I’ve ever had a table at.

Here’s some photos of the table and products my friends and I were selling.

Seriously though, it was the most fun I’ve had all summer. We received such a great response from everyone who stopped by. I’ll be posting some more photos and things later, so stay tuned.

More pictures from Ikasucon!

The Loki Experience: Ikasucaon 2012

Hey there all, this is your friendly neighborhood Loki here speaking. My good ol’ buddy Myles wanted me to write about my convention experience at Ikasucon 2012 this year. Right then, so where to begin. First let me just start by thanking my friends for allowing me to attend with them. It was kinda on a whim that they allowed me to join so I really appreciate that. I could not have asked for a better group of people to go to a convention with. Zero drama and loads of fun just being us and who we are. My overall experience at this convention is by far the best experience I have had at any convention. Yes, of course there were some less than stellar parts but nothing could put a damper on the overall trip. I met so many great people and had such a blast interacting with the staff and causing mischief here and there. I was as my friends put it the “con babe” this year. Everyone knew me and my costume. So many photo’s were taken, I got so many to kneel before the true king, and best off I had a great time with friends. 

Favorite experience:  

One of my favorite experiences of the convention was this adorable little girl who was a major Loki fan. On our booth I drew up a sign that said “Free Loki hugs with every purchase.” She looked directly at it and asked my friend Cat if she could have a free Loki hug. I was in the middle of a conversation until I was called over and this cute little girl runs up to me and gives me the biggest hug. I was half out of costume by this point so I instructed her to stop by tomorrow and give me more hugs. The next day Cat informed me she was making a bookmark for the girl. I ended up running into her later in the day and she promptly gave me another hug and I told her that she needed to stop back by our booth for a surprise. I went back later after doing a small photoshoot with FEM Thor and Cat then told me she gave the girl the bookmark she made for her. She immediately gave me a pen and told me to go sign it for her. It wasn’t long before I found her (she was with her parents and sisters) and asked her about her surprise. She looked confused for a moment before asking her mother for her bookmark, I then looked at it and then asked her if she wanted me to sign it for her. She immediately swelled up and squealed nodding furiously and handed me the bookmark. I scribbled my name down and then gave it back to her. The best part yet was that when she took it she looked at me with big round eyes and said, “I will never forget this.” I just had all these feels so I scooped her up into a hug and it was the cutest moment ever. 

The second best experience I had was during the cosplay contest, we were waiting for the judges to decide who on earth won. So I am sitting in the front row and the staff on stage is playing an acting game- you know like improve. It was a game called something like, “The worst….(blank)” and the audience would give the thing and the staff members would do their best rendition of it. (Example: Worst redneck was one and one of the staff members replied to this, “I’m gonna vote democrat.”) Anyways though so the one that came up was like, “Worst death….” or “Quickest way to die….” think it was the quickest……anyways. Right, so one of the staff members….he went to the end of the stage, got down really slow on one knee and whispered into the microphone, “Loki sucks.” I am not sure if it was just impulsive, or what but I jumped out of my seat ran onto the stage and beat him up. The crowd went ballistic and threw my hands up in the air as they cheered. It was a great moment and Joe was so impressed and amazed that I did that. xD It was fantastic.